Unsafe Roofing Problems

Dangerous or unsafe roofs problems

Walking on a roof can be dangerous already. However, improperly installed roofs with nails that stick out tiles improperly installed or any kind of hazardous material left over after installation can leave you vulnerable to damage.image of Unsafe roof problems

Cleanup is essential after an installation. We have found debris on roofs that have caused problems that had been left there by previous roofing contractors.

That will never be the case with us our cleanup is very thorough. Having this debris laying on the roof will cause problems long-term. However, you can rest assured cleanliness is Next to Godliness and we are prepared to take it to the next level when it comes to making sure your roof is perfect.

The roofing industry is a lack of attention to a roof

The absolute largest problem that we see in the roofing industry is a lack of attention to a roof. It's hard to believe that just something that sits there is actually doing something. As opposed to a car that we drive every day and we know that maintenance is just a part of it.image of Lack of attention to a roof

However, your roof is functioning and it is working every single day. It's important to stay on a schedule and occasionally get up there and take a look at your roof.

If you don't want to get up on your roof I can understand. But we love getting on roofs give us a call today for a free no hassle roof inspection.

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This is what you experience with asphalt shingles when there is damage to them. these grains on your shingle are designed to repeal the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. Once these grains fall off your roof your roof will become compromised. Image of roof granular loss ProblemsIf your roof looks like me and is starting some roof pattern baldness it's time to address that issue now. Although I'm in a way saying tongue and cheek roof pattern baldness this is something that you will typically experience even after a large hail storm.  Large pieces of hail hit the roof and remove grains from the roof. Over time this action itself can be very damaging. It's important to always have a roof inspection done after any kind of bad weather.

Lions tigers and bears oh my.  Okay well, maybe not lions tigers and bears but definitely raccoons squirrels and mice. As well as Birds bats and rats. There are a number of animals that are looking for a home.  In small compromised places in your home is just opening up a door to a guest that you don't want.

Damage to roof done by trees is typically addressed after large storms. However, overgrown trees that occasionally move their branches across your roof can be causing all kinds of issues. As before we mentioned what granular loss was this is another mechanical way in insurance claim expertisewhich you can have damage roofing material over time.

Having someone that's a reliable tree trimmer on your phone is just a great idea.  Trimming back trees to an appropriate height will ensure the life and longevity of the tree.

If your roof looks like contact with any roofing experts

If you have an attic that is not been properly ventilated from the roof then your roof could be baking. Essentially think of those little vents on your roof as a much-needed mouth for your roof. If it's not breathing then it's holding its breath.Image of Ventilated roofing problems

If the roofing company that installed your roof originally did not take into consideration proper ventilation this can be a major issue that needs to be addressed. Aside from your roof just baking and shingles curling you may have damaging mold growth as well.

Aside from the damaging effects of the roofing material things like flashing can curl and expose weak points in your roof sooner than later. This issue a ventilation could create a half-life for a roof. It's very important to have a roofing inspection done either prior to buying a home or as soon as you have purchased a home or after a large storm especially.

Bad gutter systems directly affect the ability of your roof to function properly. Even under size gutter can the problem. Obviously, if you have gutters that have holes in them they should be replaced. However, Image of Bad gutters roofing problemsthe gutter that is too small when the rain comes they become overran and deposit the excess water at the footprint of your home.

Having gutters that are extended far enough away from your home is the only way to ensure that your home stays dry.

So many companies are eager to cut Corners to save on dollars. That is not the case with us. Image of Incorrect Installation  roofing problemsChoosing the right roofing contractor is extremely important. Our company prides itself on being certified with many different Quality Roofing Products. You only get this type of certification by being able to pass installation test that is guaranteed by the product manufacturers. Make sure you ask a roofing company what their roofing installation process is. Ask for background and ask for references.

15 common roofing problems

In severe weather or other roofing materials that peel back and lifted due to high winds and damaging storms. Image of Asphalt singles get lifted roofing problemsThe relatively simple fix here with shingles that have been lifted or other roofing materials that have been lifted is simple things need to get nail back down and resealed ASAP. The longer the problem isn't addressed the worst the problem obviously is going to get.

Standing water on your roof only should be there if you have designed for a rooftop pool.  It's extremely important to have water move away from your house. Properly cleaning out gutters and making sure that water is flowing is the only way to prevent future leaks. Pulling or ponding of water is a sure sign of problems that will come in the future if not addressed sooner.
Simply said any hole in the roof that you didn't want there is going to be the most obvious place for water to come in. Overtime insects, as well as raccoons and other small animals, can create small holes. Aside from addressing any issues where holes are in your home by addressing those issues you will save on heating and air conditioning.  


Sometimes it makes sense to put a quick patch on a roof for a quick fix and a temporary solution. However, it's very important to think about the overall roof health.  A total roof replacement may be something you need. Replacing a loose shingle, or a tile here or there may be what's needed again as a temporary solution. However, typically this is a sign of a bad repair or an installation issue that needs to be addressed.
No, it's not associated in this particular case with loss prevention. In this particular case when we talk about shrinkage or shrinking we are talking about the effect that happens when the weather gets cold. If you have a shingle roof this will be affected by that as well as tile roofs. If your house has not been properly prepared for this inevitable shrinking that takes place, then tiles and shingles will break off and create more problems.
This is what happens when warm weather happens. Typically what happens to tile and asphalt shingle roofs when the weather changes to warm weather if the shingles are packed too close together they're like a Trainwreck. Backing up on each other and creating a compromised surface where water will enjoy coming in. Although it's true that roofing materials should fit together and not be loose there's little room for error here. In other words, it has to be a perfect fit in order for your roof to function properly