Be Aware Of Roofing Scams San Antonio

When you’re looking to get your roof repaired or replaced this relatively new type of scam has been targeting homeowners and businesses alike. Roofing lead generation digital door knockers and human door knockers are the latest part of the scam that you need to be aware of.

You’re probably already aware of Craigslist and some of the type of characters that can be associated with it. However new web generated referral sites like well advertised Angie’s List and thumbtack are just the latest part of the digital door knocking don’t that you need to be aware of.

Storm devastates local market roofers San Antonio

When a storm devastates local market roofers will swarm in from out of town and go on to these websites and purchase leads that they will then use to represent themselves as a local solution for your Roofing problems.

Now what I want to be clear about and say is there are legitimate companies that don’t of use these rules and use these tools as well. But, the risk is too large and so on raising the flag to make sure that you’re aware of how these people can sometimes digitally door-knock you as well as come to your home and solicit for your business.

All too often these tactics are used to resell your name and information to someone that is not necessarily properly vetted out with all of the correct documentation.

Roof Repair and Replacement Scams San Antonio

In a double-blind test when checking some of these mentioned competitors we were able to get leads and make contact without providing any credentials related to the industry that we were seeking leads for specifically in roofing repair and Roofing replacement.

Beware the hucksters that could be out there trying to make you their next victim. Be very aware of the people that come to your door. These people that come to your door may not even represent the company that will ultimately put your roof on. First impressions are everything and how people represent themselves digitally and in-person does matter.

Be aware this new Roofing digital door locks scam but also recognize that some of these same tools are used by the real people with the real credentials and customer care that you want. Due diligence is required on your part. However, the new trap that may exist is our responsibility to inform you about.

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